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Infertility affects millions of people of reproductive age around the world. According to World Health Organization,

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Pregnancy begins with the fertilization of the egg. The egg released from the ovaries is penetrated by a single sperm

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Advanced IVF Tech

Infertility is no longer a common sorrow for women. According to reports, one-third of infertility issues are due to males,

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Laparoscopic Surgeries

Laparoscopic surgery, also called minimally invasive surgery (MIS), bandaid surgery,

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In-vitro fertilization or IVF is a procedure in which the woman’s eggs are removed from her ovaries

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Gynaecological Treatment

WINGS Hospital is leading center for Gynaecology Treatment in Rajasthan, having

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Years of Experience
Live Births through IVF
Live Births in RIF cases
Successful PGT/ERA


Best in class Infrastructure

24000sqft of ultra-modern infrastructure to ensure the highest success rate for fertility services

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World’s most advanced IVF Technology

PGT-A, PGS, Ovarian Rejuvenation, Endometrial PRP, ERA & AI - Artificial intelligence helps to increase the pregnancy rate

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Advanced Gynaec Laparoscopic OT

We strive to deliver the best possible surgical care to the patient in a clean and friendly environment

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  • WINGS IVF is a pioneer in adopting the most advanced global IVF protocols
  • From Blastocyst transfer to freezing more embryos, WINGS IVF has championed the fertility treatments scenario in India
  • More than 3500+ successful pregnancies through PGT
  • 1500 + successful conception in patients with recurrent IVF failure
  • Dr.Jayesh Amin was awarded "Excellence in IVF Treatments" by the Union Health minister in 2016


  • WINGS IVF has always championed the latest technology across all its centres
  • Pioneer in the adoption of time-lapse technology for its incubators
  • All WINGS IVF labs have the highest level of technology with the presence of Closed loop systems, IMSI, Artificial intelligence algorithms and controlled labs
  • Received multiple accolades for excellence in IVF treatments from the Times of India, Economic Times & many others.


  • WINGS IVF has always been focused on taking challenge of providing pregnancy through own eggs and sperms
  • We help couples pass on their own genes to the next generation by adopting the latest clinical protocols and advanced technologies
  • With technologies like Time-lapse, triple gas bench incubators, and IMSI along with the full-time in-house embryologist team, WINGS IVF proudly takes on the challenge of being the leaders in providing OWN EGG Pregnancy


    • We are at the forefront of innovation in OWN SPERM pregnancy cases with advanced technology like DG sperm selection, MACS and IMSI for the selection of the best sperm
    • In 2013, WINGS IVF pioneered Micro Tesa surgery for successful sperm retrieval
    • WINGS IVF leads the industry in more than 95% frozen embryo transfers
    • We successfully follow a freeze more and transfer less protocol
    • In 2020, WINGS IVF launched the Onco fertility division in coordination with a consortium of oncologists from the US
    • WINGS IVF is developing tissue cryopreservation techniques to help young cancer survivors conceive with their own gametes in the future

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Pregnancy with your OWN Eggs & Sperm made possible even in crucial cases where people have experienced recurrent IVF Failures or at Advanced Maternal Age (>35 Years), Low AMH (<1).

- Dr. Jayesh AminClinical Director, WINGS IVF Group

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If you have been struggling with recurrent IVF failures and are at an advanced maternal age (>35 Years) or with Low AMH (<1), you can trust your parenthood journey with WINGS IVF.

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  • WINGS IVF is one of the most advanced IVF centers. The expertise, knowledge & approach of Dr. Jayesh Amin is at par excellence. The behaviour of trained staff and experts makes your journey smoother.

    Dhaval Panchal
  • WINGS IVF Hospital has excellent facilities. The entire staff is extremely caring and compassionate towards the patients and the patient's friends & family. There is an excellent facility, culture, and environment for everything. I have seen many hospitals but nothing compares to the wonderful experience I had at WINGS IVF. Thank you so much to the whole hospital staff and management team!! Thank you.

    Avani Vakil