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WINGS IVF & ORTUS Health is widely acknowledged as the one of the most advanced IVF center in Patna

Welcome to WINGS IVF Patna. We consider emotional well-being of the person to be equally important as the standard of care we deliver. We truly believe that childbirth is a celebration and not a disease form, we thereby with our elaborate team of Doctors, Paramedics, Councellors are available to guide you and take you through your journey instilling confidence towards a possible positive result. Dr Smriti Sparsh, Our chief fertility expert at Wings hospital, Saguna More, Patna, with her wide experience and learning in the field, is a leading fertility expert an ardent practitioner of ethical medical practices. Her philosophy is to make quality healthcare available, accessible and accountable and should not get restricted as previllege to the few but something that should stand out and reach all. At WINGS Patna a leading IVF chain of India. The brainchild of the Dr Jayesh Amin, and under his leadership (Founder And Directors of WINGS IVF ) we seek to out do outshine and outreach, to creat faith, families and future everyday. It takes a team to do the best, what we do the best, what we do each day backed by a dynamic team, driven and enthusiastic to move the world one Miracle at a time. It is our in depth understanding of the Science and Reproduction, advance state of art technology and protocols and our detailed and defined patient care which has helped Wings deliever consistent results nationwide. Under the leadership of Dr Jayesh Amin we have successfully performed Thousands of fertility treatments for patients across the World. It takes a team of tremendous trailblazers to bring about a change. So come join us and and let us pave a path of success and give WINGS to your motherhood dreams.


Giving Birth to Your Hope


Our mission is to bring international standards within the reach of every individual for fertility treatment. We are committed towards Giving Birth to Your Hope

Core Values

Technology, Trust & Transparency are our core values