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Debunking Common Myths about IVF

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Debunking Common Myths about IVF

Several people are sceptical when it comes to assisted reproduction or in-vitro fertilization. The reason is prevailing myths in society. These myths keep on misleading couples and they shy away from even visiting the Best IVF clinic in Ahmedabad. In order to help such couples, we have addressed some of these myths below:

1. IVF Leads to Multiple Babies

If IVF is performed as per international practices and guidelines, the chances of multiple pregnancies are reduced below 20%. This is because the number of embryos transferred is restricted. The Best IVF Hospital in Gujarat ensures that the IVF protocol is followed and safety is maintained. 

2. IVF Increases Your Risk of Getting Cancer

The IVF Procedure in Ahmedabad is completely safe. There is no established connection between cancer and IVF in any studies or medical research conducted so far. The procedure even allows the couples to take several attempts without any risk of cancer for both man and woman. Additionally, there is also no risk of cancer for the unborn child. 

3. IVF is Traumatic Procedure

The initial phases of IVF are associated with pain and discomfort. This is due to hormonal medications and injections prescribed by the doctor. In recent days, however, medical advancement has made the process less painful and more convenient. The Best IVF Hospital in Ahmedabad ensures that the medications are not causing pain to the woman.

4. Overweight Women are not Suitable for IVF

Whether IVF or natural reproduction, overweight women find it difficult to conceive and deliver a baby. Weight becomes a challenging aspect if the woman is also suffering from polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD). In such cases, the WINGS IVF Hospital Ahmedabad Gujarat suggests weight loss before initiating the treatment. 

5. An IVF Baby has Birth Defects

The IVF Procedure in Ahmedabad is completely safe. The procedure does not increase the risk of congenital birth defects. On the other hand, the procedure allows the doctors to conduct genetic tests in the preimplantation stage. These rules out the chances of your baby having genetic or chromosomal defects. 

6. One IVF Failure Closes Your Chances of Success

If you fail to conceive in the first attempt of your IVF cycle, this does not mean that you will never be able to conceive. It is important to understand the reason behind this failure and modify the treatment for a second successful attempt. At WINGS IVF Hospital Ahmedabad Gujarat, the doctors come across a wide range of patients who conceive after 4-5 prior IVF failures. 

7. IVF is the Only Cure for Infertility

IVF is an effective solution but it is not the only solution to all infertility problems. You need to get yourself and your partner checked at a reputed hospital. In many cases, counselling, medical treatment, or IUI can also help you with conception. 

To Sum It Up

Assisted reproduction and IVF is an advanced and safe procedure. At WINGS IVF Hospital Ahmedabad Gujarat, we ensure correct diagnosis and provide the best treatment for you. Over the past few years, we have been successful in helping thousands of couples to conceive and relish the greatest joys of life. Contact us today.