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The Effects of Smoking on Fertility

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The Effects of Smoking on Fertility

Smoking whether active or passive is equally hazardous for men and women. The habit not only damages your lungs and respiratory organs but it spreads all across your blood vessels. It, however, becomes more dangerous when you are thinking to start a family. Smoking can cause severe damage to your reproductive system and lessen your chances of conceiving a baby. Being the Best IVF Hospital in Ahmedabad, the first thing we advise our patients is to stop smoking and stop being around people who smoke.

How Does Smoking Affect Woman’s Fertility?

To your surprise, smoking can affect a woman’s fertility in multiple ways. Here’s how:

It Depletes the Quality of Eggs  
Regular smoking might be fun for you today. You, however, do not know how severely it is affecting your body from the inside and the impact it can have in the longer run. We are the Best Infertility Specialist in Ahmedabad and we have seen patients struggling to conceive because of their previous history of smoking. People are not usually aware that smoking is directly related to the quality of your eggs. The chemicals from a cigarette spread all over your blood vessels and reach the reproductive system. It damages the eggs by causing premature ageing. So, what you are left with are thousands of lower quality eggs in your ovaries. The worst part is that it may not be apparent until you decide to conceive and it is too late to repair. Furthermore, the habit can also upset the normal ovulation cycle and catalyze the onset of menopause.​

  • Greater Chances of Miscarriage​
    Ovaries are greatly affected by smoking. In some cases, a woman might be lucky and conceive with the damaged egg. The egg, however, may not sustain in the uterine environment for very long. Regular smoking can affect the quality of the embryo, and the development of the foetus, and increase your chances of miscarriage.
  • It Damages the Fallopian Tubes
    If damaged eggs and a hostile uterine environment were not enough, smoking can also damage the fallopian tubes. This can make it difficult for you to conceive. Damaged fallopian tubes increase the chances of ectopic pregnancy. It is a condition in which the foetus begins to develop outside the uterus. The condition leads to various other issues such as preterm labour, pre-eclampsia, intrauterine growth restriction, intrauterine foetal death, antepartum bleeding, and so on.

How Stopping Smoking Can Affect a Woman’s Fertility?

As mentioned, our Best IVF Doctor in Gujarat advises a woman to quit smoking and stop being around those who smoke because it can bring many positive effects on her body.

  • It Improves Fertility
    You can quit any day and your body will thank you in many ways. Giving up the cigarette can undo years of damage to your reproductive organs and increase your fertility. It is specifically important for women with polycystic ovaries as it can slow down their metabolism.
  • Normal and Full-Term Delivery 
    Firstly, women find it difficult to conceive because of continued smoking. Secondly, even if they conceive, premature or abnormalities in babies are likely a possibility. Quitting the habit before you plan to conceive or within your first trimester can reduce the risk of premature baby or abnormalities. This can also make you enjoy the entire process with minimal risks. In turn, you will have a normal and full-term delivery.
  • Healthy Birth Weight 
    Smoking not only affects your health but also majorly impacts the health of your baby. It directly affects the normal growth of the baby and its weight. By saying no to the cigarette, you can give your baby fresh air to breathe and give him enough space to grow.

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